The Parthenon and Classical Greece

“Looking at the Parthenon” full text attached.


I did much work in the mid 1990s on the architectural world of Classical Greece, generated initially by the commission of a book on The Parthenon.    I particularly followed the strands of

–          “Looking at the Parthenon”.   Studies in actually seeing the real building and what it signified when first built.

–          “Searching for the Parthenon”.  Studies tracing a thread of its complex swirling mists of signification back from the late 20th Century, in a reverse chronology to the 5th Century BCE.

–          “Standing and sitting on the Akropolis”.   Using the two great Athenian akropolis temples to muse on the dialectic between an architecture which stands and one which sits.

Much – including the book commissioned by Phaidon, has not been published.

Published essays include:

In cerca del Partenone/Searching for The Parthenon’, Spazio e Societa  (Milano), Anno XX, No. 83, July-September 1998 (Italian and English texts)  p.p. 10-27

‘Looking at the Parthenon’, The Journal of Architecture (RIBA Research Journal, E & FN Spon), Vol 2 (1997-8), No.  2, Summer 1997, pp. 161-187  see

‘Messages from the Periclean acropolis’, extended review of Architecture and meaning on the Athenian Acropolis (Rhodes), in The Architects’ Journal,  vol 204, 24 October 1996 p42.