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  1. Jun LI says:

    just so stories on history…

    as an architect,until now i know how to use texture development story to perfect lesson of origins…

  2. John says:

    The following post by Peter Aleff is quoted with his permission:

    Peter Aleff
    Independent Writer
    John, I appreciated your very informative article on how the orientation of buildings, particularly the sacred ones, reflected the “dance of the heavens”. You may therefore be interested in how people went about studying and replicating this dance on pegboards with pegs for sun and moon that then evolved into gameboards which initially reproduced those peoples’ perception of the heavens and their motions.

    These miniature heavens then became the models for their temples and tombs and town layouts, as I try to illustrate with a few selected examples at You might find this direction of inquiry fruitful for deepening our understanding of those ancients’ attempts to orient and shape their heaven-imitating structures.