September 2017


Second Piero della Francesca completed; “Piero’s Eyes” lecture coming up; and much else – thus Concerns  page remains (for ever?) in restauro(photographed mid September 2017 in Bologna)


Peter Moro

Fascinating to reread Peter Moro’s memoirs to get me in the mood for the day celebrating him on November 14, 2015.  And I revisit my discussions with him over the few years from 1989, and my writing about The Royal Festival Hall.  In October-November 2015, my mind begins to swirl around that great building once more.  For more on the Royal Festival Hall see here.

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Walter Segal

A Walter Segal day down Walter’s Way in Lewisham in September 2015, rekindles thoughts with Jon Broome and John Segal; and learning so much from newer enthusiams among younger and fresher residents, self-builders and those open to possibilities, gets me going once again to work for a Segal book out there.  The AA exhibition in January 2016 is much anticipated, and so my mind begins to wrirl around all this once again.

Learning From Segal was published 26 years ago, is very difficult to find (Amazon claims to be selling a copy for £126!), and is due for a thorough overhaul and updating – and publishing cheaply.   There is much optimistic discussion again in late 2015 about it being regenerated and published via crowd funding – if you’d be interested to be kept in touch with plans, please contact by email.

Cognoscenti Travel

Cognoscenti ‘s presence on the web has filled almost all my available electronic time over 2014-5, just as researching, planning and learning about the content of its new tours has filled most daylight hours – most recently the comprehensive background document given to travellers to The Renaissance City in September 2015.  And 2016 will have even more tours than 2015, two of them excitingly brand new. enters its third year of independent flight!